Rose & Clay

Aphrodite Hair Clip in Rose Quartz


This hair clip is inspired by Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. We knew we wanted to do a pink hair clip design for Aphrodite because she is often associated with that color tone. We also found inspiration from Botticelli's The Birth of Venus in choosing a design for this hair clip. We are HIGH KEY obsessed with this hair clip and its versatility. Honestly, it can be worn so many different ways, and all of them are so stunning; it can turn even a bad hair day into a fantastic one! Trust me on this--this hair clip is too good to pass up.

This hair clip is 3.25 inches in length and is positioned on a 2.5 inch French barrette. This hair clip works well for all hair types because the French barrette does a great job of holding onto the hair and not slipping all day long.