About Polymer Clay Earrings:

Polymer clay is an incredibly lightweight material unlike ceramics or air-dry clay. Even a large pair of polymer clay earrings can be worn all day without noticing, even the largest styles in the shop weigh less than an ounce! So you never have to worry about your earrings being heavy or uncomfortable.

All earrings are hand cut and sculpted in small batches. Due to the handmade nature of the clay, please allow for slight variations in your piece from the photos posted.

Caring for Your Earrings

Polymer Clay are such a great medium for earrings because it is durable and are flexible! Each piece is flexible and can actually be bent and still regain their shape after. They can however become damaged or can snap if you bend them too far so I don't recommend seeing how far you can possibility bend them! Because of this flexibility, they are quite durable will not shatter if dropped. These earrings should still be handled with a bit of care, however. They are easy to store and travel with, however I would recommend not storing them with sharp objects or metal jewelry, because they can get scratched. Polymer clay earrings should also not get wet! A little splash or droplets will not hurt them , but hey should not be fully submerged in water (ex. they should not be worn while swimming or in the shower.)

If an earring gets dirty, you can use a q-tip and rubbing alcohol to gently clean.

Processing and Shipping Time

All earrings posted on the shop are already made and assembled an are ready to be shipped off to their new home! Orders placed will be shipped as quickly as possible in 1-3 business days. Shipping time may vary depending on time of year ordered and distance being traveled. All orders placed will come with a tracking number so you can track your package. 

Processing time is the same for international orders, but of course the shipping time will be longer.

Return Policy

While highly unlikely, if an earring is damaged in any way when received please email us and we will get a replacement shipped out immediately. We offer Returns and Exchanges within 14 days of delivery of your piece. 

For any Returns/Exchanges/Issues: email us at info@roseandclayearrings.com


We want you to be confident in your order and we want to make pieces that will last! We happily offer a free 1 year warranty on all earrings purchased at Rose and Clay. If an earring breaks or receives damage that was caused within normal wear and tear, the earring will be replaced or fixed free of charge. For an earring to be eligible for free replacement, damage must not be caused by any of the activities outlined in "Caring for your Earrings."

Custom Earrings

I am very happy to announce we offer custom earrings! Please email us at info@roseandclayearrings.com or DM us on our instagram page: @roseandclayearrings for any requests. Custom order requests are not automatically accepted -- acceptance is predominantly dependent on the availability of supplies. For more information about custom earrings or other custom products, please click on the "Customs" in the main menu and click on "How to Place a Custom Order" in the drop down menu.