About Us

Hi! I really am so happy you're here!

My name is Kelsey and I'm the designer and owner of Rose and Clay!  I created Rose & Clay, in May of 2020 as a way to let out all of this creative energy I had running in my head. Yup, I started my business in the middle of a pandemic because I am absolutely crazy... But anyway, I have always loved girly things like clothing, jewelry, and fashion, and I have a very creative soul, so it just seemed right to put those together and to create wearable pieces of art!
Since the beginning, I have aimed to create beautiful and unique pieces with one main purpose in mind - to help YOU feel beautiful. As someone who has really struggled with self esteem issues, I know how much an outfit can really change your day. When you FEEL beautiful it changes how you act and how you show up in your life. Earrings and hair accessories were a huge way that I felt beautiful, and I decided to make it my mission to help other women feel the same. Everything I create is made with the goal that when a women puts it on, she will feel as stunning and gorgeous as they are!

I adore this business that I have created and adore all of my lovely customers that own the tiny, wearable, works of art I make. Designs these earrings and hair clips brings me so much joy and fulfillment, and seeing them on you guys seriously is the icing on the cake. Once again, I am so happy you are here.